India’s most fuel efficient cars

With Petrol and Diesel costs rising every day and the increasing road traffic, most car buyers are obsessed with mileage. After all, fuel expense contributes to the running cost of the car which you incur every month and there is no escaping this once you buy a car. If you are looking to buy a new car and fuel efficiency is on top of your checklist, check out this list of India’s most fuel-efficient cars.

Tata Nano -Under standard conditions, India’s cheapest car – Tata Nano gives a mileage of 23.65 kmpl. A small 624cc petrol engine and a light weight body works to its advantage.

Tata Indigo CS -Tata’a Indigo eCS gives a mileage of 23 kmpl, making this diesel car, India’s most fuel efficient sedan. It has a revolutionary Common Rail C4 engine and is also a BS-IV emission compliant car.

Tata Indica Vista -This diesel hatchback, another fuel-efficient car from Tata, gives a mileage of 22.3 kmpl. Indica Vista was an improved version of its predecessor – Indica. Its Multi-jet engine makes it extremely fuel friendly.

Fiat 500 – Fiat 500 is a premium hatchback car and one of India’s most expensive too! But when it comes to mileage, this diesel car is sure of savings, standing at 22 kmpl.

Hyundai i20 – Hyundai i20 1.4 CRDi Diesel version claims a mileage of 21.93 kmpl. It’s a huge upgrade from its Petrol versions, which roughly give a mileage of 18 kmpl.

Maruti Suzuki Swift – The diesel version of this extremely popular car gives a mileage of 21.7 kmpl. Its petrol version was topping the charts, which made the company launch the diesel version.

Hyundai i10 – Hyundai i10 is the company’s best performing car. The petrol car’s mileage – 20.36 kmpl, could be one of the reasons of its success story.

Maruti Suzuki Alto – This petrol car is India’s top selling car for a reason! It boasts of a mileage of 19.73 kmpl and has a small 796 cc engine. The company recently announced the launch of Alto K-10 to tap its popularity.

Maruti Suzuki A-Star – Maruti Suzuki A-Star may not be among the best-sellers. But when it comes to mileage, this petrol car is a star, running 19 kmpl. This car’s engine is from Maruti’s advanced K-series.

Chevrolet Beat – Chevrolet Beat offers a mileage of 18.6 kmpl. It has a 1.2 L S-Tec II engine. The petrol car has stylish looks coupled with an impressive performance, made for city drive.

While the mileage may differ from what we get when driving in heavy city traffic, it sure offers a trend. So which cars do you think offers value for money, when it comes to mileage?  Think wise when making your choice, both about your car and its insurance.

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  • Anupam Rae

    Most fuel efficient car may not be the most economical car for a customer. Other costs, like the cost of the car, maintenance cost, insurance premium, etc., have to be taken into consideration before selecting a car.

    People are blindly purchasing diesel cars because diesel is cheap. In all cases, it may not be the correct decision.

  • surendran T.R

    Good. Tks for giving such knowledge.

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