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    Thanks Ganesh. we appreciate your feedback

  • Ganesh

    I ran out of word ! I’m much much obliged to you for such precious information.

  • Dilip Pande

    The information provided is too much important specially for a diabetic person. Ohters should follow the advantages in health point of view. Thanks a lot.

  • Ramachandran KK

    The information provided is informative. Jaggery is the mostly used sweetener in Ayurveda medicine.

  • Mohammed Arif shirali

    Very informative site on jaggery. Keep it up. Now required to work jaggery on diabetic in AYURVEDA,

  • a.sankaran

    many donot know the hidden benefits explained. one has to use jaggery more,even avoid sugar for a healtheir life. thanks for the good tips.

  • sravanveerla

    very good work and information about jaggery.

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